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So you’ve gotten used to your AeroPress. You would’ve noticed that there’s many unique methods for using it. One of those methods is the inverted method.

In this article, I’ll discuss the ins and outs of the AeroPress inverted vs normal method.

I’ll give a brief overview of what the differences between the two methods are and cover the pros (and cons) of each.

Finally, I’ll look at what AeroPress themselves say about the two methods. That way, you can decide for yourself whether AeroPress inverted or normal is right for you.

Please note that the inverted method comes with increased risks. If not done correctly, it can spill and you can burn yourself or others with hot coffee. Please take extra care when using this method.

It’s time for AeroPress Inverted Vs Normal Method! Let’s do this!

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AeroPress Inverted Vs Normal: What’s the Difference?

Normal Method

Chances are, you know the steps to normal AeroPress brewing.

  1. Put the filter in the cap and attach the cap to the chamber,
  2. stand the chamber on your mug,
  3. add the grounds evenly,
  4. add hot water and stir,
  5. let it sit,
  6. and then finally press the plunger down.

Inverted Method

The inverted method is only a bit different. True to its name, you make the coffee upside-down, so when you begin, the plunger is on the bottom.

  1. Insert the filter, but don’t attach the cap yet,
  2. insert the plunger into the chamber,
  3. stand the whole thing up with the plunger on the bottom and the chamber balancing on top of it,
  4. add grounds and then add a little bit of water and stir,
  5. wait 30 seconds,
  6. add the rest of the water and then let sit for a couple minutes,
  7. slightly wet the paper filter inside the cap (so that it sticks) and attach the cap,
  8. flip the whole thing over onto your mug so that the cap and chamber are sitting on the mug and the plunger is on top,
  9. press the coffee like normal.

The inverted method typically requires longer brew times. It gives coffee drinkers greater control by extending the brew time.

There are several video and illustrated tutorials for both methods of AeroPress brewing. Check these out to make sure you’re doing everything right!

AeroPress Inverted or Normal: The Difference in Taste

I still haven’t gotten to the issue of taste. Why use the inverted method in the first place, if the coffee doesn’t taste different?

The inverted method does yield a slightly different tasting cup of coffee. Most users report that their coffee has a denser and more full-bodied flavor.

This is mainly due to the fact that the grounds have a longer extraction time with the inverted method. They also achieve full immersion, further enhancing the flavor.

So, if you’re a hardcore coffee drinker who likes that thick, almost bitter taste, inverted might be the way to go.

AeroPress Inverted Vs Normal: Pros & Cons

Now we’re getting into the fun stuff! Here’s the good and the bad. The strengths and weaknesses. The plusses and minuses. Let’s go!

Pros of the AeroPress Inverted Method

  • The standard method can leak or brew too fast. If you want to slow down your brew time to maximize taste extraction, use the inverted method. It will also prevent under-brewed coffee from leaking through the filter.
  • Full immersion. This is one of the reasons why your inverted coffee tastes different. Full immersion means all the grounds touch the water throughout the brewing process.
  • More advanced. It’s more advanced and so harnesses the power of science for a thicker, more bitter, dense cup of coffee.
  • Something different. If you’ve been brewing with AeroPress for a while now, the novelty may have worn off. It doesn’t have to. The inverted method can give you an opportunity to experiment and try something new.
  • Feel like a rebel. If not a rebel, then at least feel like an expert! The AeroPress comes with instructions for the normal method. But the inverted method is something of an insider’s secret. While even the normal method is impressive to behold, the inverted is even more so.

An inverted AeroPress with coffee brewing inside filled all the way to the top.

Pros of the AeroPress Normal Method

  • It’s easier. Even though you likely won’t spill any coffee with the inverted method, the normal method is easier. This is especially important if you’re new to using an AeroPress. When you’re still getting used to it, we recognize it can be a little intimidating.
  • Easier to use with a reusable filter. Not all filters are going to work as well for the inverted method. Especially some reusable filters. Reusable filters are more environmentally friendly than the paper versions. And if you’ve already made this switch, you might not want to go back.
  • You can use the plunger to slow brew time and prevent leakage instead. Insert the plunger a half inch into the chamber while brewing. This allow the grounds to sit in the water for a longer amount of time. You get most of the benefits with less of the fuss.
  • Less risk. There’s more of a risk of burns with the inverted method, so normal is safer.

Inside an AeroPress chamber with coffee brewing inside.

What Does AeroPress Say?

The AeroPress comes with instructions for brewing coffee using the normal method only. But this doesn’t mean that AeroPress hates inversion.

As we discussed above, though, they recommend using the normal method instead.

AeroPress says on their website (in the FAQ section) that a lot of people prefer the inverted method. Yet they only endorse the normal method.

This is because the inverted method makes their product a bit trickier to use. And it increases the risk of spillage or burns.

That said, many brew-masters have won or placed in coffee competitions using the inverted method. So they prefer it, too.

The AeroPress Fellow Prismo attachment lets you brew full immersion coffee without inverting. It was designed to use the AeroPress to brew espresso.

If you like the taste of inverted but not the added hassle, this is a great accessory. Even if you’re not an espresso drinker.

You can read more about it in my review here, or check out some other AeroPress accessories.

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Other Ways to Revolutionize Your Brew

There are other ways to brew an amazing cup of coffee with AeroPress besides choosing between AeroPress inverted or normal. Here are a few bonus tips:

  • The daily grind. Your grind size matters. Read up on what grind size means for flavor and brew times.
  • Slow and easy. The amount of time you take to plunge your coffee with AeroPress can also impact the flavor. Slower is better, but not too slow. Whatever your current plunge time, try slowing it down and see what kind of a difference that makes.
  • Dilute your coffee (without diluting flavor). Another change to try is making a small amount of coffee (espresso style) and then adding hot water for a full cup.
  • Try some AeroPress accessories. There’s various AeroPress accessories available that can improve your life with your AeroPress. Check some of them out here.
  • Have fun and make it your own. You have so many options and opportunities to customize with an AeroPress coffeemaker. So, make it a hobby (what an amazing way to start your day!). Experiment with small tweaks as well as big changes, such as inverted versus normal. You might even become a master yourself.

Conclusion – AeroPress Inverted Vs Normal

At the end of the day, the perfect cup of coffee is the one that you enjoy the most. No matter the type, source, coffee beans, grind size, or brew method.

That said, the only way to know for sure what you like best, is to try everything.

So experiment with the AeroPress inverted or normal method. Make an informed decision, and then go with it every day.

Which method do you prefer? Why? Have you created your own unique brewing method with the AeroPress?

Let me know in the comments below. Stay caffeinated!

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