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An AeroPress stand is a perfect accessory for your manual coffeemaker. Without a stand, you have a collection of loose parts and AeroPress accessories.

The right AeroPress caddy makes it easier to keep things organized and tidy. And AeroPress storage options come in a variety of designs and sizes to suit your needs.

There’s also different names that AeroPress stands can go by.

Some people call them an AeroPress caddy, AeroPress stand or AeroPress holder. Others simply refer to them as AeroPress storage.

In this post, we’ll be using all these terms to refer to the same thing.

Each of the AeroPress holders that I mention in this post have different features.

Some have drip mats. Some are for wall mounting. Some are stainless steel.

But they could all be suitable for your kitchen. In the end, it comes down to your individual needs.

By the end of this post, you’ll be able to make a decision about which AeroPress holder is right for you.

For those of you in a hurry, here are five of the best AeroPress stands for keeping your kitchen organized.

Now it’s time to take a closer look at each of these AeroPress stands. Let’s do it!

5 Best AeroPress Stands

So here they are in no particular order – the 5 best AeroPress stands!

Barista Lab Premium Bamboo AeroPress Caddy Rack Organizer

The Barista Lab AeroPress caddy is a wood organizer with a rectangular shape. It includes space for storing all your AeroPress parts and coffee filters.

The inside of the woodblock has two side-by-side holders. These are for storing the chamber, plunger, and funnel.

The side of the woodblock has holders for the scoop and stirrer.

The caddy measures 11.5” x 4.75” x 7.75”. It’s one of the larger AeroPress stands.

The larger size is useful for allowing your AeroPress parts to dry. But it does need a little more counter space.


  • It includes drip mats for preventing spills
  • The attractive design looks great in any kitchen
  • The bamboo material is moisture resistant


  • Is one of the larger AeroPress stands
  • Does not work well with the AeroPress Go

HEXNUB – Organizer Compatible with AeroPress

HEXNUB offers two styles of AeroPress caddies. These include a compact version and a standard version.

Both versions include silicone rubber drip mats. One mat sits on top of the caddy while the other sits in the bottom part to collect any spills.

You can prepare your drinks on top of the AeroPress holder. No more worrying about drips and spills on the counter!

The compact version includes black drip mats. The standard version is available with black or brown mats.

The caddies are also made from bamboo. Bamboo is technically grass instead of hardwood.

Compared to real wood, bamboo is more water-resistant. It is less likely to rot or grow mold.

Here’s a closer look at both options:

Compact Version

The compact version has storage space for the chamber and plunger inside a wood bamboo block.

The plunger sits inside the chamber, which is then placed in the wood holder.

The sides of the AeroPress stand include holders for the scoop, stirrer, and filters. It doesn’t have a spot for the funnel, but you could set it on top of the stand when not in use.

The bamboo caddy measures 8.75” x 4.75” x 7.8”. It takes up minimal space on your countertop and creates a clean, organized look.

Standard Version

The standard version resembles the previous option. It has side-by-side compartments for holding AeroPress components.

You can place the chamber and plunger together on one side and the filter holder and funnel on the other.

Another option is to store the chamber and plunger side by side, allowing them to dry easily.

The side of the standard caddy has a holder for the stirrer and scoop. It doesn’t have a side holder for the filters.

You can place the AeroPress filter holder inside the caddy when storing the plunger.

The standard version is 7.8” tall, which is the same height as the compact version.

But, it’s a few inches wider. It takes up 10” x 4.6” of counter space.


  • Includes storage for filters
  • Comes with drip mats to prevent spills
  • Uses moisture-resistant bamboo


  • The standard version takes up a little more counter space
  • Is not designed for the AeroPress Go

PROPER AeroPress Companion – Organizer & Display Stand

The PROPER AeroPress Companion is a stylish caddy for holding your AeroPress.

It has a cork base with a plastic holder for storing the chamber and plunger. The top of the holder includes slots for holding the stirrer and scoop.

You also get a small filter holder on the base. It can hold up to 350 paper filters.

You can also use the PROPER caddy with the original AeroPress or AeroPress Go.

Yet, it doesn’t include some of the features found on the previous recommendations. Such as drip mats and wall-mounting options.


  • It fits the original AeroPress or the AeroPress Go
  • It takes up less counter space compared to other stands
  • The cork and steel materials are easy to keep clean


  • The design may not appeal to everyone
  • It does not include drip mats for preparing coffee

Blue Horse Caddy Compatible with AeroPress Coffeemaker

The Blue Horse Caddy stands out for its sleek stainless-steel design.

Instead of bamboo or cork, the base and all other parts are made from solid stainless steel. This removes the risk of rot.

It is a simple, easy-to-clean caddy for holding your original AeroPress.

The middle section can hold the plunger, chamber, funnel, and plastic filter holder. The sides have slots for storing the stirrer and the scoop.


  • Made from stainless steel, which does not rust or rot
  • Includes rubber feet to protect your counter


  • The simple design is not as flashy as the bamboo or cork caddies
  • It does not include drip mats

RUSFOL Space Saving Organizer Wall Mount for AeroPress Set

The RUSFOL AeroPress caddy is designed for mounting on the wall. It’s compatible with the AeroPress or AeroPress Go.

It’s another caddy made from bamboo, but doesn’t have drip mats.

The plunger and chamber hang from the bottom of the caddy. The filter holder and funnel sit in depressions on the top of the caddy.

The top also has slots for inserting the stirrer and the scoop.


  • Takes up no counter space
  • Holds the AeroPress original or Go
  • Made from bamboo


  • Does not include drip mats
  • Wall mount only

How to Choose the Best AeroPress Stand

To choose the best AeroPress caddy for your kitchen, consider the following:

  • Size
  • Material
  • Mounting options
  • Drip mats

You may also want to consider the cost and appearance of the caddy.

Luckily, all the recommendations discussed above are affordable and attractive. All five choices cost less than $50 each.

The RUSFOL stand is the cheapest option but lacks some of the features found on other stands. It lacks a drip mat and requires mounting on the wall.


AeroPress stands are available in various sizes. Yet, all the recommendations above are compact and take up little space.

The largest options include the . And the standard version of the HEXNUB organizer.

The base of the Barista Lab AeroPress stand measures 11.5” x 4.75”.

The measures 10” x 4.6”.

The is the most compact option. The base is only a little over 6” wide.


You can also choose from a few different materials.

Many AeroPress caddies are made from bamboo, which is a durable material.

Compared to standard wood products, bamboo is less likely to attract mold and mildew. It rots less easily, as it’s grass instead of hardwood.

Instead of bamboo, you can also find stainless steel designs.

Stainless steel is also used for kitchen appliances and accessories. It’s corrosion-resistant and food-safe.

The features stainless steel parts with a cork base.

As with bamboo, cork is resistant to moisture, which helps prevent mold growth.

Mounting Options

While many AeroPress caddies are made for your countertop, there are wall-mounted caddies.

The is made for mounting on the wall.

You can also mount the HEXNUB and Barista Lab bamboo AeroPress stands on a wall.

Drip Mats

Several of the AeroPress stand recommendations include drip mats.

The drip mats are useful for preparing coffee, as the mat collects any spills.

You can find drip mats on the and AeroPress caddies.

The mats are made from silicone, which can withstand high temperatures.

Alternatives to Countertop Caddies for the AeroPress

If you use your AeroPress on the go, you may prefer another storage option instead of a countertop caddy.

The is a companion product for the AeroPress.

You can use it to store and use your manual coffeemaker. It includes a tall stainless steel cup designed to fit the AeroPress.

The side also has a clip to lock the AeroPress in place when pressing or serving coffee.

Using the JavaJug2 helps you prepare coffee with the AeroPress. The large cup makes it easier to keep the chamber steady as you press coffee.

You can serve directly from the cup. The JavaJug2 also comes with a sleeve for keeping your coffee hot.

There’s many other different AeroPress accessories available too.

Best AeroPress Stand – Conclusion

A caddy is useful for keeping your AeroPress parts and accessories organized.

One of the options discussed should make the perfect addition to your kitchen.

You can choose from stainless steel or bamboo caddies. All options include a spot to hold the chamber and plunger.

You also get storage for the stirrer, scoop, and filters.

To choose the right AeroPress stand, consider where you plan on placing it.

If you have limited space, you may want one of the more compact options or a wall-mounted caddy.

If you often spill coffee, consider getting an AeroPress stand with drip mats.

Have you used one of these AeroPress holders? Do you have another AeroPress Caddy that you’d like to recommend?

Let me know in the comments below. Stay caffeinated!

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